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Training at Esher

Last Updated: Wed 13 Feb 2019

Last Saturday for training at Esher Common we were joined by ex-SEJS and current GB Squad member Ralph Street

Ralph came along on Saturday morning to talk to the juniors before their training session. The theme of the session was 'speed and scale' in preparation for the JK where some of them may well run on 3 different scales over the weekend.

'Speed Control is Risk Control' Your navigation should dictate the speed you run at. If it's easy you can run faster, slow down when you its more complicated. Looking at last weeks 'Get up to Speed' video with Alice Leake about Route Choice and how your speed can influence your route choice.

Always have a plan - 'never leave where you know where you are without knowing where you are going otherwise you have no idea where you will end up'

Ralph also talked about judging distance in terms of time taken as well as number of steps. Looking up and seeing how far something is in the distance can give you a idea of the scale.

Thanks to Ralph for joining us.

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