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JK Weekend

Last Updated: Mon 23 Apr 2018

Some of the juniors have written reports on the JK weekend

JK Sprint

What a great way to start the JK !!! Day 1 was held at MOD Stafford in Staffordshire . The event centre was in the heart of the barracks and was full of people dashing around, from all over Britain and across the globe . Our maps were highly detailed and there were many route choices for each leg . The barracks was a grid of buildings, that were of a similar size and shape so it was vital you kept count of the buildings!!! The W14 course was 2.9km long with 24 controls. The course zigged back and forth in loops so at times it was confusing . Distance between controls varied between 250m to 25m apart . The varied leg lengths , looped nature and route choice made the course enjoyable . After we finished, it was the all important sprint to Toms Wagon for refreshments and burger!!! - Tina & Ellie

What a fantastic weekend of orienteering - sun, rain, snow and mud all in one event! JK 2018 provided an exciting and exhilarating experience which every orienteer should encounter. I particularly enjoyed day 3 long and day 4 relay with SEJS friends and coaches cheering at finish. I am looking forward for the next one in 2019 - Olin