South East Orienteering Association

Jk Long

Last Updated: Sun 1 Apr 2018

Today saw the JK Long take place at Beaudesert. Evan took on the M18E and had this to say -

Beaudesert was described as forested areas with streams and marshes, but at many points it felt as if it was streams and marshes with the occasional relief of dry ground. For the M18E long race, we were taken all over the map and had a total distance of 11.7km which included a variety of long, short and tired legs and a wide range of runnability and contour detail. Personally I felt the area to be more physically than navigationally challenging, but there were some route choices where a lot of time could be gained or lost. Overall it was an enjoyable run, and I will be back to the same area tomorrow to compete for HH in the relay day.