South East Orienteering Association

SEJS Membership

Last Updated: Tue 27 Feb 2018

The South East Junior Orienteering Squad exists to promote the development of junior orienteers in the SEOA region. The squad meets once a month on average, usually on a Saturday, for a full day of training at various locations across the SEOA region. Membership is by invitation from the Squad Co-ordinator, Angela Darley, and the Lead Coach, Carol Lovegrove only and remains at their discretion.

There are three criteria for membership:

1) Physical

Members are expected to be M/W14 to M/W18. Top year M/W12 may sometimes be invited to join. However, training sessions are planned to meet the physical abilities and developmental needs of 14-18s. 12s will need to bring an accompanying adult to monitor their welfare unless specifically told otherwise.

2) Technical

Members are expected to be at least a good orange standard and to be successfully completing light green standard courses (M/W14A). "Good orange" means winner's time +25% in at least three events. Note that this is more stringent than achieving orange colour standard (winner +50%). The three events should allow comparison with other regional juniors, so local or small regional events do not represent suitable events.

3) Attendance

Members are expected to regularly compete at larger events (national and above), both within and outside the SEOA regions. Developing as an orienteer requires an ability to compete in many types of terrain, not all of which are available in any club's area. Competing at events outside the region shows the required level of commitment to the sport. "Regularly" means at least 6 events per year, and at least 3 outside the SEOA region.
Members are expected to regularly attend training sessions. Attendance at 50% of sessions will show an ongoing level of commitment to development. Members are expected to join in the activities available with a positive approach to developing their orienteering and without distracting other juniors from their own training.

Requests to join the Squad

Any club coach who knows of a junior member of SEOA who meets the requirements for membership should make them known to either the Squad Coordinator or Lead Coach. The junior can then be invited to attend a session on a trial basis.

Angela Darley
Carol Lovegrove