South East Orienteering Association

Race Analysis

Last Updated: Sun 1 Apr 2018

Information about how to analyse your races

PDP - Do this the same day as you ran for each event. For each leg score 1(yes) or 0 (no, or maybe)

Plan - Did you have a plan?

Direction - Did you go in the right direction?

Picture - Did you have a mental picture of the leg/control?

CAR - a more detailed analysis, do for most events. Thinking about your plan, add any extra information in the comments.

Control - Did you know the control details before leaving the previous one, control code, description?

Attack Point - Did you have an Attack Point / line into the control? Could you have had a better one?

Route - Did you plan the route? Could you have had a better one

For each column add up the number of ‘0’s. Over a number of events look to see if there is a pattern developing.

Draw your route on your map, then use route gadget. If you have a GPS watch mark where you think you went before uploading your watch.