South East Orienteering Association

Current Squad Members

Last Updated: Fri 15 Oct 2021

The following juniors are currently members of the SE junior squad:



Luke Mills-Hicks GO


Maddie Bartlett SO

Sarah Darley GO

Rebecca Lovegrove SN

Ellie Mills-Hicks GO

Tina Mills-Hicks GO

Maggie Soulsby HH


Ben Gostick HH

Tommy Heap SO

Austin Howe SAX


Amelia Bartlett SO

Ffion Bricknell SAX

Aimee Darley SN

Hannah Freeman HH

Scarlet Heap SO

Phoebe King GO

Jemima Hayward-Bhikha SLOW (W20)


Adam Conway GO

Olin Davies SLOW

Alex Fielding HH

Cameron Pattenden SO

Maxime Pesenti DFOK

Troy Southall SO

Emils Ummers SO

James Yule SO

Stan Heap SO (M20)

These juniors are associated with the squad and will soon become full members subject to meeting membership requirements:

W16 Maddy Pitcher DFOK, Cecilia Hayward-Bhikha; M14 Luke Bennett DFOK, Vadim Pesenti DFOK; W14 Alice Soulsby HH; M12 Ben Chapman SO