South East Orienteering Association

South East Sprint Championships

Last Updated: Sat 24 Jun 2023

The South East Sprint Championships is a two round event for SEOA members with the results of the two rounds being combined to determine the overall winners. Non-SEOA runners are encouraged to enter but are not eligible for medals.

Twelve competitive classes are offered


Despite some classes being combined on the same course competitors are only eligible for a medal in the class that they entered. Thus in the example below an M45 in the M45-55 class could not win the M18-40 class.



M14-16 M18-40, M45-55


W14-16, W18-40, W45-55


M60-65, M70+, W60-65, W70+


M10-12, W10-12

The courses should vary in length and be planned such that a top M21 would win course 1 in around 12-13 minutes and a top W21 would win course 2 in a similar time. For a typical urban/campus race this would equate to straight line distances of around 2.5km and 2.1km respectively. Course 3 would then be around 1.7km. Course 4 should be planned to a lower technical difficulty (ie a yellow –type course with no real route choice) and would be around 1.3km in length. If high entry numbers are anticipated then additional courses can be planned and the above classes split between the courses in a sensible manner. Ideally the start time window for each round should be around 60 minutes and should certainly not exceed 90 minutes.

In the second round if competitors start in reverse order of their position in the first race i.e. the fastest start last this can enhance the racing experience. However it is apprecieated that this adds complication and so an approach is which competitors are given a 2nd round start time 90 or 120 minutes after their first round is acceptible. If the former approach is used Competitors who were disqualified or did not finish the first round start first in the second round. Round 2 is not a chasing start – all competitors start at minute intervals. The organisers should treat requests for an early start in round 2 – eg to allow both parents to run – sympathetically. Adjustments to the second round starting time however should be to start that runner earlier, rather than later, than their official start time.

Medals shall be awarded to the top three SEOA runners in each of the above classes.

These guidelines recommend the planning of four separate courses, however the organising club may want to plan more courses if a large entry is anticipated.

Past Winners

Men's Champions

Year Sprint
2008 Ralph Street (SLOW)
2009 Paul Couldridge (BAOC)
2010 Ralph Street (SLOW)
2011 Paul Couldridge (BAOC)
2012 Michael Balling (SLOW)
2013 Matthias Mahr (SLOW)
2014 Ben Roberts (SLOW)
2015 Michael Balling (SLOW)
2016 Michale Crone (SLOW)
2017 Pat Jaffe (SO)
2018 Jack Kosky (SO)
2019 Michael Crone (SLOW)
2021 Michael Crone (SLOW)
2022 Ben Gostick (HH)
2023 Michael Crone (SLOW)

Women's Champions

Year Sprint
2008 .
2009 Julia Jarvis (SO)
2010 Abi Weeds (SLOW)
2011 Jayne Sales (SLOW)
2012 Clare Howes (SO)
2013 Anna Chapman (SO)
2014 Valerie Suter SLOW
2015 Alison Howe (SAX)
2016 Melanie Hilton (SLOW)
2017 Lucy Jepson (SO)
2018 Velina Valova (SLOW)
2019 Rebecca Dal Bon (SLOW)
2021 Georgia Jones (LOK)
2022 Ruth Beale (SN)
2023 Eadaoin McCavana (SLOW)