South East Orienteering Association

South East Individual League

Last Updated: Sun 25 Feb 2018

The South-East Individual League is a league for individuals affiliated to the SEOA. It uses the same events as the SE League but runs over a calendar year.

Individual Winners spreadsheet

There is a separate competition for each age/gender class.  The individual scores used for the Club League are ranked in order, and the competitor with the highest score gets 100 points, the next 99 points and so on (there are several ways in which the scores are adjusted for Club  League purposes; these are ignored for Individual League purposes).  Where there is a tie, both competitors get the higher number of points.   This methodology enables orienteers who compete in different courses to be compared.   However, if you run up, you may run slower, and consequently get fewer points than a rival in the same age group.

Your total for the year is bases on your best results, depending on how many events there are.
12 events - best 7 to score
11 events - best 6 to score
10 events - best 6 to score
9 events - best 5 to score
8 events - best 5 to score
7 events - best 4 to score
6 events - best 4 to score

Certificates are awarded to the top three competitors in each age/gender class, provided at least three runs have been completed.