South East Orienteering Association

Kent Night Cup

Last Updated: Sun 24 May 2020

The Kent Night Cup Series runs during the winter months, with events organised by Saxons, DFOK, Southdowns Orienteers and Mole Valley. The series is co-ordinated by SAXONS.

The standard format is a Thursday night score event with a mass start at 7.30pm, held weekly. There is a mix of forest and street events. Typically there is an opportunity for apres-o at a nearby hostelry, for the presentation of the results and (novelty) prizegiving. The results count towards the KNC League, updated on the Saxons website. Newcomers are welcome. Minimum equipment is a torch and SI dibber (dibbers can be hired on the night).

2007/8Jonathan Crickmore (SO)Laura Pearson (SO)
2008/9Nick Barrable (SYO)Rachel Collins (SO)
2009/10Ed Catmur (SLOW)Sarah Howes (SAX)
2010/11Neil Crickmore (SO)Sarah Howes (SAX)
2011/12Tom Davies (SAX)Jane Lambert (SO)
2012/13Tom Davies (SAX)Clare Howes (SO)
2013/14Ian Ditchfield (MV)Rachel Collins (SO)
2014/15Neil Crickmore (SO)Bryony Crickmore (SO)
2015/16Neil Crickmore (SO)Alison Howe (SAX)
2016/17Brendon Howe (SAX)Alison Howe (SAX)
2017/18Brendon Howe (SAX)Alison Howe (SAX)
2018/19Brendon Howe (SAX)Alison Howe (SAX)
2019/20Neil Crickmore (SO)Alison Howe (SAX)