South East Orienteering Association

Committee Role Descriptions

Last Updated: Fri 9 Nov 2018

What is expected for each of the roles on the SEOA committee.

Role Descriptions

SEOA Chairman

  • Chair Committee meetings
  • Ensure officers carry out their duties, including reporting to Committee meetings
  • Replace officers who resign without arranging their own replacements
  • Represent SEOA in discussions with BOF where appropriate
  • Keep oversight of major events

SEOA Secretary

  • Maintain database of SEOA club Secretaries for transmission of messages etc from BOF.
  • Forward anything relevant to clubs.
  • Supervise the website, and ensure that it is kept up to date.
  • Maintain the SEOA Procedure Manual.
  • Record discussions and decisions made at SEOA Committee meetings and at AGM/EGM
  • Circulate Agendas of Committee meeting and AGM/EGM to Committee members
  • Circulate minutes and relevant papers of Committee meetings and AGM/EGM to Committee members
  • Agree and publicise meeting venues and timings
  • Arrange for notice of AGM/EGM to be circulated to clubs.
  • Arrange for notice of AGM/EGM to be on SEOA website
  • Arrange for minutes and relevant papers to be on website

SEOA Treasurer

  • Collect income due to SEOA including: liaise with BO to collect individual membership fees; liaise with club treasurers to collect affiliation fees and levies on National and SE League events registered through SEOA
  • Pay out expenses properly incurred including: SE Junior Squad costs; grants for juniors and continuing personal development; officer expenses; subscription to the English Orienteering Council; costs of medals and certificates for SE championships and league.
  • Work with the officials of major events held under the aegis of SEOA rather than individual clubs (e.g. BOC, JK, etc.) to produce event budgets and administer income and expenditure
  • Produce accounts for the AGM in June in collaboration with the club auditor: recommend to the AGM the level of membership and affiliation fees, and the rate of the SEOA levy, for the coming year
  • Produce interim accounts for committee meetings
  • To oversee SEOA’s banking and investment arrangements, reporting to the committee and AGM

SEOA Membership Secretary

  • Analyse numbers and produce a report for Committee meetings
  • Produce AGM report
  • Liaise with Treasurer regarding membership
  • Advise club membership secretaries on membership issues
  • Receive monthly membership report from BOF
  • Answer BOF queries regarding SEOA membership

SEOA Fixtures Secretary

  • SEOA representative on BOF Fixtures Group Committee
  • Member of SEOA committee
  • Responsible for co-ordinating SE club fixtures with National Fixtures.
  • Responsible for processing registration forms for SE fixtures, club training and coaching activities, RDO activities, SE Junior Squad activities, etc.
  • Maintaining SEOA fixture planner.
  • Maintaining copy of BOF Fixtures database (updated bi-weekly). Production and circulation of useful fixtures lists and other reports from it, including provision of information for SE website and answerphone. Can also produce report of Event Officials activities.
  • Attendance at quarterly SEOA committee meetings.
  • Attendance at annual SE AGM, and preparation of annual report and statistics.
  • Attendance at biannual National Fixtures Group meetings (usually in Birmingham)
  • Arranging SEOA biannual fixtures meetings.
  • Maintaining contact list of SE clubs Fixtures Secretaries.
  • Co-ordination and submission of SE registration forms and documentation for major events put on for BOF (JK, BOC, etc.), also International events occasionally, e.g. World Cup, 6 Nations, etc.
  • Ensuring that SE put on various British events, usually on a 9 or 10 year roster basis. Also National events, typically one per year. (British Champs, British Elite Champs – Long, Middle and Sprint, British Night Champs, JK, Harvester, CompassSport Cup Final, Home Internationals – Junior, Senior and Veteran, Junior Inter-regional Champs, Future Champions Cup, Junior Team Relay (Peter Palmer), Yvette Baker Trophy, British Schools orienteering Champs and Score Champs)
  • Liaison with SC and SW for selection of suitable events for Southern Champs and Southern Night Champs
  • Liaison with adjacent regions (and SW) to ensure Regional events, and certain District events, do not clash unacceptably.
  • Ensure provision of sufficient events for South East League, South East Night League (SENiLe) and Frolics.
  • Co-ordinate provision of regions annual major events, SE Relays, SE Score Champs, and CompassSport Cup/Trophy rounds. Also Yvette Baker Trophy heats. Maintain informal roster of which club hosts events.
  • Liaison with Ashdown Forest Conservators (with assistance of co-opted person) to ensure that ‘allowance’ of one Regional and one District event is used each year, and maintain informal roster.
  • Distribution of documents from National Fixtures Group and BOF to club Fixtures Secs. e.g. Minutes, lists of event codes, annual insurance certificate, etc.
  • Communication with all concerned, almost entirely by email, approximately 1200 - 1500 per annum.
  • Submission of expenses.
  • Maintenance of Job Specification.

SEOA Junior Training Officer

  • Organise and plan regular coaching sessions for the South East Junior squad
  • Liaise with clubs in order to get permission and maps for coaching sessions
  • Advise Juniors about their individual training programmes
  • Maintain accounts of each training session and submit to SEOA Treasurer
  • Liaise with SE clubs regarding recruiting new members to SEJS
  • Advise SEOA Treasurer with regard to grants to squad members
  • Organise necessary equipment hire for use by squad.
  • Submit reports to Selectors regarding squad members
  • Recruit and organise sufficient coaches to help with squad training
  • Help squad members to find personal coaches as required.
  • Report to SEOA committee

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